MAYBE is an adverb that means perhaps

• Maybe it will stop raining soon. = Perhaps it will stop raining soon.

• A: I thought Suzy would be here by now. B: Maybe she forgot.



MAY is a modal verb which indicates possibility.

• He may be lost = It is possible that he is lost

• This may be the best website = This is possibly the best website

After MAY BE we usually have an adjective, a noun or a verb (in ING form)

• He may be crazy. (may be + adjective)

• He may be a genius. (may be + article + noun)

• He may be trying too hard. (may be + verb ING form)


Remember that MAY is similar to MIGHT

• He may be late = He might be late

Maybe you have a better explanation than this…

By: Sibilla


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SO7Sheila on 7 is the name of a popular alternative rock band from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. They had changed their formation several times since their formation on the 6th May 1996. Their first formation consisted of Akhdiyat Duta Modjo (Vocals), Saktia Ari Seno (Guitar), Eross Candra (Guitar), Adam Muhammad Subarkah (Bass) and Anton Widiastanto (Drum). Their current formation (2006) consists of Akhdiyat Duta Modjo (Vocal), Adam Muhammad Subarkah (Bass), Eross Candra (Guitar) and Brian Kresno Putro (Drums). Eross Candra is currently working on his solo/side-project band called Jagostu, the upcoming album is scheduled to be released on June 2007 via Sony BMG Indonesia.

Their self-titled debut album Sheila on 7 ranked #33 by Rolling Stone Indonesia on “The 150 Greatest Indonesian Albums of All Time”. The magazine also put the songs “Dan” (#29) and “Melompat Lebih Tinggi” (#147) on “The 150 Greatest Indonesian Songs of All Time”.