• Days are numbered

    When someone’s days are numbered, they are expected to die soon.

  • Dead as a doornail

    This is used to indicate that something is lifeless.

  • Dead in the water

    If something is dead in the water, it isn’t going anywhere or making any progress.

  • Dead right

    This means that something or someone is absolutely correct, without doubt. The opposite is dead wrong.

    e.g. You: “Trees are lovely souls.”
    Me: “You are dead right.”

  • Diamond in the rough

    A diamond in the rough is someone or something that has great potential, but is not refined.

  • Different strokes for different folks

    This idiom means that different people do things in different ways that suit them.

  • Discerning eye

    If a person has a discerning eye, they are particularly good at judging the quality of something.

  • Do the trick

    If something does the trick, it has the necessary effect.

    e.g. You: “I need to glue these rocks together.”
    Someone: “This super glue should do the trick.”

  • Do their dirty work

    Someone who does someone’s dirty work, carries out the unpleasant jobs that the first person doesn’t want to do. Someone who seems to enjoy doing this is sometimes known as a ‘henchman’.

  • Do time

    When someone is doing time, they are in prison.

  • Do’s and don’t

    The do’s and don’t’s are what is acceptable or allowed or not within an area or issue, etc.

  • Dog eat dog

    In a dog eat dog world, there is intense competition and rivalry, where everybody thinks only of himself or herself.

  • Dog’s life

    If some has a dog’s life, they have a very unfortunate and wretched life.

  • Don’t cry over spilt milk

    When something bad happens and nothing can be done to help it people say, ‘Don’t cry over spilt milk’.

  • Don’t give up the day job

    This idiom is used a way of telling something that they do something badly.

    e.g. Your friend tries to fix your car but he is having trouble. You can say “Don’t give up your day job, man.”

  • Don’t hold your breath

    If you are told not to hold your breath, it means that you shouldn’t have high expectations about something.

  • Don’t judge a book by the cover

    This idiom means that you should not judge something or someone by appearances, but should look deeper at what is inside and more important.

  • Don’t mention it

    This is used as a response to being thanked, suggesting that the help given was no trouble.

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff

    This is used to tell people not to worry about trivial or unimportant issues.

  • Don’t throw bricks when you live in a glass house

    Don’t say others do actions that you, yourself do. Don’t be a hypocrite.

  • Don’t throw bricks when you live in a glass house

    Don’t call others out on actions that you, yourself do. Don’t be a hypocrite.

  • Doormat

    A person who doesn’t stand up for themselves and gets treated badly is a doormat.

  • Double-edged sword

    If someone uses an argument that could both help them and harm them, then they are using a double-edged sword sword; it cuts both ways.

  • Down and out

    If someone is down and out, they are desperately upset or poor and need help.

  • Down in the dumps

    If someone’s down in the dumps, they are depressed.

  • Down the drain

    If something goes down the drain, especially money or work, it is wasted or produces no results.

  • Down the hatch

    This idiom can be said before drinking alcohol in company or sometimes parents can tell their children “down the hatch!” when the children have to take medicine.

  • Down-to-earth

    Someone who’s down-to-earth is practical and realistic. It can also be used for things like ideas.

  • Drag your feet

    If someone is dragging their feet, they are taking too long to do or finish something, usually because they don’t want to do it.

  • Draw the line

    When you draw the line, you set out limits of what you find acceptable, beyond which you will not go.

  • Drink like a fish

    If someone drinks like a fish, they drink far too much alcohol.

  • Drive someone up the wall

    If something or someone drives you up the wall, they do something that irritates you greatly.

  • Drop a bomb(shell)

    If someone drops a bomb or a bombshell, they announce something that changes a situation drastically and unexpectedly.

  • Drop in the bucket/ ocean

    A drop in the bucket or a drop in the ocean is something so small that it won’t make any noticeable difference.

  • Drop/ fall into your lap

    If something drops into your lap, you receive it suddenly, without any warning. (‘Fall into your lap’ is also used.)

  • Drop someone a line

    If you drop someone a line, you send a letter/message to them.

  • Drop the ball

    If someone drops the ball, they are not doing their job or taking their responsibilities seriously enough and let something go wrong.

  • Drown your sorrows

    If someone gets drunk or drinks a lot to try to stop feeling unhappy, they drown their sorrows.

  • Dry spell

    If something or someone is having a dry spell, they aren’t being as successful as they normally are.

  • Ducks in a row

    If you have your ducks in a row, you are well-organized.

  • Dumb as a rock

    If you are dumb as a rock, you have no common sense and are stupid.

  • Dwell on the past

    Thinking too much about the past, so that it becomes a problem is to dwell on the past.



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