Phrasal Verbs LOOK

  • LOOK AHEAD intransitive verb

think about future: to think about or plan for the future

  • LOOK BACK intransitive verb

think about past: to think about the past or past experiences

  • LOOK FOR transitive verb

1.  search for somebody or something: to try to find somebody or something
2.  expect something: to hope for or anticipate something
e.g. We’re looking for a successful year.
3.  expect somebody’s arrival: to expect somebody to arrive at a particular time (informal)
e.g. We’re looking for the grandchildren at noon next Friday.

  • LOOK FORWARD TO transitive verb

await something eagerly: to anticipate a future event with excitement or pleasure

  • LOOK IN intransitive verb

make brief visit: to pay a short visit (informal)

  • LOOK INTO transitive verb

investigate something carefully: to carry out a careful investigation of something such as a possibility, problem, or crime

  • LOOK ON intransitive verb

watch: to be a spectator or witness

  • LOOK UPON transitive verb

regard somebody or something: to regard somebody or something in a particular way

  • LOOK OUT intransitive verb

be careful: to be careful to avoid danger

  • LOOK OVER transitive verb

examine somebody or something: to inspect or examine somebody or something either quickly or carefully

  • LOOK THROUGH transitive verb

ignore or not notice somebody: to fail to acknowledge somebody’s presence, either intentionally or unintentionally
e.g. I smiled at her, but she looked right through me.

  • LOOK TO transitive verb

1. expect somebody to do something: to hope or expect that somebody or something will do or provide something
e.g. We always look to you for new ideas.
2. want or hope: to want or hope to do something (informal)
e.g. if you’re looking to upgrade your computer


1.  transitive verb search for information: to search for information, e.g. by consulting a reference book
2.  intransitive verb improve: to become better
3.  transitive verb visit somebody: to locate somebody, especially for a visit

  • LOOK UP TO transitive verb

respect and admire somebody: to have respect and admiration for somebody


About Habib

Hamba Allah swt., umat Rasulullah saw., lahir di Prabumulih pada Kamis, 26 Dzulhijjah 1410H.

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