By my dearest teacher Sibilla Cielo

How to use ‘to’ and ‘for’

“To” and “for” are very common words and have many meanings in English. usually, learners are confused with TO and FOR when they are used as a preposition.


a) I gave a book to my mother.

b) I bought a book for my mother.

In a), “to” is used to indicate someone who receives something. In b) “for” indicates who is intended to have something, for example, you bought the book to give to your mother on her birthday.

But “for” in b) can also mean “in order to help”, meaning that you bought the book not to give as a present for your mother, but because your mother wanted the book but didn’t have the time to go to the bookstore. So, she gave you some money and you bought the book in order to help her.



CORE MEANING: a preposition or adverb indicating the direction, destination, or position of somebody or something


-I met him on his way to school.

-She climbed all the way to the top. -You’ll see a supermarket to your left.


CORE MEANING: a preposition indicating that something is directed at somebody, done to benefit somebody, or done on somebody’s behalf


-Look! There’s a letter for you.

-I’d do anything for you. -The lawyer acted for some of the heirs.

Have a nice day! ^_^


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