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get [get]

(past got [got], past participle got [got] or got·ten [gótt’n], present participle get·ting, 3rd person present singular gets) CORE MEANING: a verb indicating that somebody obtains, receives, earns, or is given something. It is often used instead of more formal terms such as “obtain” or “acquire.”

  • We’re trying to ensure that our child gets a good education.
  • Where will they get the money to buy the land?
    intransitive verb

    become: to become or begin to have a particular quality

    • When I get nervous, I get scared.
    transitive verb

    cause something to be done: to cause something to happen or be done

    • I must get the car cleaned.
    transitive verb

    bring something: to fetch or bring something

    • I’m going back to my apartment to get my watch.
    • I’ll get your coat for you.
    transitive verb

    catch illness: to be affected by an illness or medical condition

    • He got chicken pox last year.
    intransitive verb

    be in particular state: to enter or leave a particular state or condition

    • Get ready to leave in five minutes.
    intransitive verb

    move somewhere: to succeed in moving or arriving somewhere

    • It was already midnight when we got home.
    auxiliary verb

    forms passives: used instead of “be” as an auxiliary verb to form passives

    • If you play with matches you will get burned.
    transitive verb

    prepare food: to prepare a meal

    • I’ll get dinner tonight.
    transitive verb

    persuade somebody: to persuade somebody to do something

    • Colleagues had tried to get her to take a vacation.
    transitive verb

    use form of transportation: to take a particular form of transportation

    • I don’t want to drive – I’d rather get a plane.
    transitive verb

    obtain result: to obtain a result, e.g. by experiment or calculation

    • What’s the answer? I get nine.
    transitive verb

    receive signal: to receive a broadcast signal such as a radio or television broadcast

    • I can’t get Channel 5 with that antenna.
    transitive verb

    have time: to have the time or opportunity to do something

    • I’ll fix it as soon as I get the time.
    transitive verb

    have idea: to have or receive an idea, impression, feeling, or benefit

    • You’ve got the wrong impression – I’m not like that at all.
    • I get a lot of pleasure from his stories.
    transitive verb

    manage to see something: to succeed in seeing something

    • get a close-up look
    transitive verb

    begin something: to begin doing something (informal)

    • Let’s get going – we have to be there by eight.
    transitive verb

    manage something: to manage or contrive something (informal)

    • How did she get to be so famous?
    transitive verb

    understand something: to hear or understand something, e.g. a joke or somebody’s point (informal)

    • What’s that? I didn’t get what you said.
    transitive verb

    irritate somebody: to annoy or irritate somebody (informal)

    • That high whining noise really gets me.
    transitive verb

    arrest somebody: to arrest or capture somebody (informal)

    • They got him just as he was running out of the bank.
    transitive verb

    hit somebody: to hit somebody on the body (informal)

    • The blow got him in the face.
    transitive verb

    have revenge on somebody: to have revenge on somebody, especially by killing the person (informal)

    • The heroes get Dracula in the end.
    intransitive verb

    gain access: to gain access to somebody with intent to bribe him or her (informal)

    • I thought he was incorruptible, but they finally got to him.
    intransitive verb

    leave: to go away from a place or person (informal) (often used in commands)

    • Now get!
    transitive verb

    conceive somebody: to beget or conceive somebody (archaic)

    [13th century. < Old Norse geta < Indo-European, “seize”]
    get·a·ble, adjective

    get with it to become fashionable and responsive to new styles and ideas (informal)

    got or gotten? Get is an overworked verb. It is better to use a more specific term in formal writing whenever you can. The past participles got and gotten convey slightly different ideas. They have gotten an apartment in Boston means they have recently taken the apartment, whereas They have got an apartment in Boston simply indicates that they have it. (There are those who would argue, with reason, that in a sentence like this one got is redundant, and that have alone would do the job.) In informal usage, have got can also be followed by an infinitive to denote obligation (I’ve got to go to the party means “I must”), whereas have gotten with an infinitive denotes opportunity (I’ve gotten to go to the party means “I’ve been given the chance to attend”). The use of get instead of be to form the passive is more acceptable in some contexts than others: The house is [or gets] cleaned once a week. The exposition was [not got] opened by the mayor. Get is usually more informal than be: an interviewer might ask an interviewee If you are offered the job, will you accept it? whereas the interviewee might tell a friend, If I get offered the job, I’ll take it. Get is probably most acceptable when it is used to imply that the subject of the sentence bears at least some responsibility for an event or action, as in If you play with matches, you may get burned as opposed to The driver of the vehicle was badly burned in the crash.

    Word Key: Synonyms

    CORE MEANING: to come into possession of something

    get to obtain, receive, earn, or be given something;

  • He managed to get a job on a building site.
  • “The public will get a worse railroad for more money,” he claimed.acquire to get possession of something, sometimes suggesting that time or effort was involved;
  • the knowledge, skills, and understanding that students are expected to acquire
  • He inherited some property and acquired more through marriage.obtain to get something, especially by making an effort or having the necessary qualifications;
  • The best results are obtained from watercolors.
  • Schools and colleges can obtain the documents from the relevant agencies.gain to get something through effort, skill, or merit;
  • The candidate was steadily gaining more support.
  • Students are encouraged to become an intern to gain experience of the world of work.procure to get something, especially with effort or special care;
  • He procured a copy of the book from the local to get something, especially after using considerable effort to persuade somebody to grant or allow it;
  • Having just secured world rights for her first book, she’s leading a life of leisure.
  • The team has secured lucrative support from two local firms.

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