To getGet About

intransitive verb
1. move around: to be able to move around while affected by or recovering from a medical condition
2. Same as get around (sense 1)

Get Accross

transitive and intransitive verb
make something understood: to make something understood, or communicate clearly

  • I don’t seem to be getting across to you.

Get After

transitive verb
nag somebody: to keep telling somebody to do something in an annoying way (informal)

  • You’ll have to get after him if you want it finished by the weekend.

Get Ahead

intransitive verb
be successful: to become successful, especially when compared to others

  • He’s a good worker, but he hasn’t got what it takes to get ahead in this line of business.

Get Along

intransitive verb
1. be friendly with somebody: to be on good terms with somebody socially
2. manage: to make progress in a situation

  • How’s he getting along in the new job?
3. leave: to leave a place (often used in commands)

Get Around

1. intransitive verb have social life: to be socially active and aware of what is happening

  • I have the feeling you don’t get around much.
2. intransitive verb become known: to become widely known

  • If news of this gets around, I may have to change my plans.
3. transitive verb deal successfully with obstruction: to manage to operate in spite of a regulation, prohibition, or difficulty
4. transitive verb persuade somebody: to talk or charm somebody into doing what you want
5. intransitive verb say or do something at last: finally to say or do something after delay, hesitation, or being involved with other things

  • I wondered when you’d get around to telling me that.

Get At

transitive verb
1. reach somebody or something: to succeed in reaching, finding, or making contact with somebody or something

  • There’s no way he’ll get at the data without the password.
2. mean something: to imply, suggest, or be trying to say something

  • What exactly are you getting at?
3. criticize somebody repeatedly: to criticize somebody continually and unreasonably

  • You’re always getting at me, and I’m sick of it.
4. find something out: to discover or find out something

  • We were determined to get at the source of the rumors.

Get Away

intransitive verb
1. escape: to escape from somebody or something

  • They caught one man, but the rest got away.
2. leave place: to succeed in leaving or spending time away from a place

  • We hope to get away for a few days next month.

Get Back

transitive verb
recover something: to recover something that has been given away, lent to somebody, or lost

Get By

1. intransitive verb just manage to keep going: to manage to survive or just make ends meet

  • It’s hard to get by on $100 a week.
2. intransitive verb succeed with minimal effort: to get through something by doing as little work as possible
3. transitive verb closely pass somebody or something: to pass or move behind somebody or something closely

  • We got by that parked truck with only an inch to spare.
4. transitive verb pass inspection: to pass somebody’s inspection or receive somebody’s approval, with the implication that this should not have happened

  • How on earth did those errors get by the proofreader?

Get Down

1. transitive verb demoralize somebody: to make somebody demoralized or discouraged

  • This job is beginning to get me down.
2. transitive verb write something: to write something down, especially immediately
3. transitive verb swallow something: to swallow something, especially unwillingly or with difficulty

  • The medicine smelled so bad I just couldn’t get it down.
4. intransitive verb have fun: to relax and enjoy yourself in an unrestrained way (informal)

  • It’s time to get down and party.
5. intransitive verb Malaysia leave vehicle: to get out of a vehicle

  • Where do you have to get down?

Get In

1. intransitive verb arrive: to arrive somewhere, especially home

  • When does your plane get in?
2. intransitive verb be chosen: to succeed in being admitted to a group or organization, e.g. by election or interview

  • You know if they get in they’ll change some of the old laws.
3. transitive and intransitive verb get involved with somebody or something: to become involved with a group or in an activity, or let somebody become involved

  • got in with the wrong crowd
4. transitive verb manage to do something: to succeed in finding or making an opportunity to do something

  • I don’t think we can get four interviews in before lunch.

Get Off

1. intransitive verb leave: to set out from a place or position

  • We have to get off at the crack of dawn tomorrow.
2. transitive and intransitive verb be able to leave work: to be allowed to leave work, especially at the end of the working day

  • What time do you get off this afternoon?
3. transitive verb send communication or package: to send a written communication or package

  • I need to get these letters off tonight.
4. intransitive verb have lucky escape: to experience only minor consequences of a mistake, misguided action, or accident

  • Considering what might have happened, I think you got off very lightly.
5. transitive and intransitive verb gain acquittal: to be acquitted in a court of law, or successfully defend somebody in a court of law (informal)

  • A good lawyer could get him off with no trouble.
6. intransitive verb be so bold: to be bold enough to say or do something (informal) (usually disapproving)

  • Where does he get off thinking he can speak to me that way?
7. intransitive verb be aroused or excited: to experience excitement, physical arousal, or the effects of a drug (slang)
8. intransitive verb taboo term: a highly offensive term meaning to have an orgasm (taboo)

Get On

intransitive verb
1. deal with situation: to deal with a situation and make reasonable progress of a particular kind

  • How’s Ben getting on in school?
2. be friendly: to have a reasonably friendly social relationship with somebody

  • She gets on well with the neighbors.
3. keep going: to continue doing something
4. become older: to become more advanced in years

Get Out

1. transitive and intransitive verb leave or make somebody leave: to leave a place or situation, or enable somebody to leave one
2. intransitive verb become known: to become widely known, especially contrary to somebody’s wishes

  • If this ever gets out, I’ll be so embarrassed!
3. transitive verb produce or publish something: to produce or publish something, especially a newspaper or magazine
4. make sound: to make a sound or say something (informal)

  • too choked up to get anything out
expression of disbelief: used as an expression of disbelief (informal)

  • Get out! You actually said that?

Get Over

transitive verb
1. recover from something: to recover from an illness or bad experience

  • He’s upset, but he’ll get over it.
2. deal with difficulty: to overcome or cope with a difficulty

  • Once she’d gotten over her lack of confidence, she enjoyed the meeting.
3. make people understand or accept something: to succeed in making something clear or persuasive

  • He’s very good at getting his ideas over to an audience.
4. get something finished: to finish dealing with something boring, annoying, or unpleasant

  • I just want to get the whole thing over with as soon as possible.

Get Through

1. transitive verb survive difficult time: to endure to the end of a difficult time or situation

  • How I got through those weeks I just don’t know.
2. transitive verb finish: to finish something

  • Did you ever get through that novel?
3. transitive verb use or spend something: to use, eat, or spend something, especially a large amount in a short time

  • We seem to be getting through the copier paper at an alarming rate.
4. transitive and intransitive verb make somebody understand: to make somebody understand something that is being communicated

  • How can I get it through to you that this is our only hope?
5. intransitive verb succeed in contacting somebody: to contact somebody, especially by telephone

  • I finally got through to her.

Get To

transitive verb
1. start dealing with something: to start dealing with something

  • Leave it with me; I’ll get to it later today.
2. start doing something: to start to do something

  • If they get to arguing, we’ll never stop them.
3. evoke emotions: to have an emotional impact on somebody

  • Goodbyes always get to me.
4. annoy somebody: to start to annoy somebody

  • His whining was beginning to get to me.

Get Up

1. transitive and intransitive verb get out of bed: to get out of bed, or make somebody get out of bed
2. transitive and intransitive verb climb: to ascend or climb something
3. intransitive verb stand up: to rise to your feet from a seated position
4. transitive verb rouse energy: to rouse your energy, strength, courage, or similar qualities

  • I’m trying to get up the enthusiasm to go back to work.
5. transitive verb organize something: to organize something by persuading other people to take part

  • She got up a collection to help homeless people.
6. transitive verb dress somebody: to dress somebody in a particular way (informal)

  • She was got up as Cleopatra.
7. intransitive verb get stronger: to become stronger or more turbulent (refers to winds or the sea)

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